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The MLF Clubhouse is owned by the residents of Meadowlake Farms.

Reservations are made by calling the HOA office phone at 405-692-5544 and leaving a message.

You will receive a call back to confirm your reservation.


Each household is entitled to two complimentary uses each year.  However, during the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, the Clubhouse is shared as much as possible by arranging for two reservations per day, if needed.  There is an early reservation from 9AM to 3PM and a late reservation from 5PM to 10PM, which allows 2 hours between each event to clean the clubhouse thoroughly.

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of $100 will be collected at the time the key is picked up for the homeowner's event at the Clubhouse, with the deposit being returned after the Clubhouse is checked for cleanliness by one of the Clubhouse Committee volunteers.  

Please download the Clubhouse Information, Rules and Clean-Up Checklist below.

Remember, no glitter or confetti and please remove balloons.

Leave the Clubhouse as you found it for the enjoyment of the next group event.

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