(These are in addition to the regular Pool Rules posted on the tab below)


NEW POOL HOURS:  Every day from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (residents cannot stay at the pool past 8:00 pm).  


This summer, the pool cannot be used for clubhouse events (no birthday parties or other large events can be scheduled with use of the pool.  NO POOL PARTIES.  


  • The pool will be open to Meadowlake Farms neighborhood residents and their immediate family ONLY (adult children and grandchildren).  Please refrain from bringing guests to the pool during this period - such as ball teams, school friends, etc.  As always, residents must be present at the pool with their family members.  

  • All residents must sign in with their name, address, time-in, and time-out.

  • The Health Department has stated that the load capacity must be at 50% of our normal approved maximum. However, in an effort to maintain the 6-ft distance guideline, we will be allowing only 20 people at a time within the pool area.

  • Single groups/families of more than 10 people are prohibited.

  • Please keep at least a 6-ft distance between groups and/or individuals.  The pool loungers, tables, and chairs will be spaced accordingly and will need to stay separated.  Do not allow children to play with the pool furniture!

  • Please wash hands before entering the pool facility, even if you do not intend on swimming.  

  • The pool bathrooms will remain open.  Please shower before getting in the pool and wash your hands thoroughly each time you visit the bathroom.  Do not congregate in the bathrooms.

  • Please do not come to the pool if you or any of your family feel sick, if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are exhibiting symptoms.

  • It is recommended that residents bring their own disinfecting wipes or spray to disinfect furniture and/or tables they have used.  

  • We will have pool attendants (NOT lifeguards) at the pool each day.  They will monitor the sign-in sheet, the number of people in the pool area/bathrooms, and the social distance guidelines.  The pool attendants will also disinfect the pool area and bathrooms on a regular basis.

  • Be respectful of other neighbors in the pool and deck area.  Everyone deserves space in the pool.  No rowdy behavior or behavior that limits others in their enjoyment of the pool.

  • No playing around the pumps, pool equipment or furniture.  Please do not change the settings on the jets or play with the skimmer.  Replacement parts are costly!  If you see kids playing with the pool equipment, please tell them to stop!

  • No glass in the pool and deck areas.

  • Please clean up after yourselves!  Items left behind are likely to be discarded.  

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